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Classes with Jeffery Brooks are part acting technique, part industry insight, part inspiration and entirely freeing for the artist within.  Each month has a different focus, from discovering your character’s essence and passion to effectively creating synergy with your fellow actor to finding your place in the industry by generating your own projects.  The work is always valuable to the group as a whole, as well as to the particular needs of each person in the class.

One of the many reasons Jeffery’s students keep returning is his dedication not only to the craft, but to the individual’s personal journey and progress.  His insight into how each artist can improve and grow is laser focused and the improvement in their work is immediately noticeable. He is also incredibly generous with his knowledge of the industry. His pedigree as a manager of name talent and CEO of his management company allows him to give relevant direction to both fledgling and working actors alike.  Perhaps most valuable of all is Jeffery’s ability to inspire and encourage.  In a business filled with highs and lows, he provides a grounded optimism that is both empowering and artistically pure.  After each class, you’ll leave feeling like you have the tools to contribute to the entertainment industry both creatively and professionally, and to live your dream to the fullest.

Classes take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights in North Hollywood.

Please contact us for information about joining a class.