Gratitude Unlocking Creativity

by EJ Arriola

The key ingredient is gratitude. Sure that sounds cliche and Oprah-tic. But let’s take a look at what’s being shared at ICT, and why gratitude can seriously unlock doors of creativity, possibility, and healthy growth. Creativity is evident when we’re producing, and under a mode of constant creation. It’s also another beautiful human quality we’re born with to experience personally. For many of us artists, improving our craftsmanship becomes high priority. We are encouraged to develop skill & understanding the “how’s” in “how-to” of the art of acting. But expression and creativity can become secondary, if there’s no balance in self. Gratitude can be the balancing agent. Your outlook of critique and I-need-to-improve can shift to confidence and I-can-do. There’s time to celebrate, and time to critique. Think of the many ways we walk away from our own art to look back and say “that sucks, needs help”. Now also take the time to think on the many ways we can be grateful for the artistic experience. Which mindset makes you feel more ready and in position to be creative-ready to do another scene, another take, and be more open for direction? What keeps you wanting to do another project?

When we’re grateful, our life experience changes. So imagine what it can do with what we want to see and experience artistically.  What we apply in life, we can apply in art. There is turmoil, pain, and sacrifice…but we can only truly grow from these if and when we see that struggle is necessary not to give us something to bitch about, but, rather, to see the beauty of life giving us constant opportunity to be stronger and more rooted in ourselves.

Be thankful, you’ll see things differently.  Enjoy your holiday in December and see you at ICT!