Hope and the New Year

by Sarah Karjian

Hope.  It is a funny word.  I don’t know about you guys, but I throw that word around like it’s going out of style.  Every time I see the clock at 11:11 or go over a railroad or see a shooting star, my wish starts with: ” I hope I get this, I hope I get that.”  I hope I book that national commercial or get that call back or sometimes, because let’s face it I’m not THAT selfish, I throw my hope towards the people I love and the things I know they need in life.  So in short I love hope, but with all that said until today, I never looked up the actual definition of hope… and it’s a doozie.  I am more in love with hope now than I have ever been.

Hope:  to cherish a desire with anticipation

This definition has amazing words in it.  I almost feel like you can break down this definition and apply it to every part of your life; especially we artists.  I mean seriously: CHERISH, DESIRE, ANTICIPATION!

I don’t know about everyone, but those of you who are reading this that I do know – I know that we CHERISH the fact that we get to create art and put it out into the world.  Why else would we put ourselves in front of SO much rejection?  Why would we take these ungratifying day or night jobs to support a career that is SO uncertain?  Why would we put up with the doubt and judgment from those family members and friends who say horrific things like: “Why didn’t you have more lines?”  “Have you finally gotten this acting thing out of your system?” “WOW, you barely were in that scene!”  I mean, I could go on and on with these gems that our loving families say to us ESPECIALLY during the holidays.  I am sure all of us have some good ones…. actually, side note we should totally start a forum on the Inner Circle website about all the awesome things people told us over the holidays, maybe it will give us all a much needed chuckle and help us lift our heads out of the bottles of wine we are drowning our sorrows in…. but I digress.

Back to CHERISH.  We learn as artists to cherish everything that makes us who we are.  At least I believe that is the ultimate goal right?  We need to enter this New Year cherishing who we are; our positives and our negatives.  You can’t have one without the other.  We always want to be “right”, but right is boring!  We should cherish the things that make us different.  The things that make us stand out in a crowd.  Because that is what we personally can bring to each and every role.  Our flaws are what make us human, and isn’t humanity why we all became actors?

DESIRE.  Desire is the fuel in an actor’s world.  Desire is what keeps us pushing to make it.  It is what helps us pick ourselves back up when we fail, it is what makes us succeed and push through and sling those drinks, cater that party and act like a full on idiot in commercial auditions!  Desire is why we are all in this crazy city of angels.  We desire to tell stories. We desire to touch someone with the words that we put on the stage or on the screen.  To make people laugh or cry or feel a little less lonely in this forever changing world.  Desire is amazing.  Never let go of it.  Never let anyone judge your desire or lessen it because you are too tall or too chubby or too ethnic or not ethnic enough.  As you can tell I heart desire.  It is the foundation of our hope.  I hope that everyone can enter 2013 and remember why they desire to be artists.  That is my wish to each and every one of you.

OK last but not least.  ANTICIPATION.  God, to anticipate…to get your heart pumping, your butterflies a flapping.  Anticipation can be such an amazing tool.  It can be seen as nerves, or we can all learn to channel it and use it in all the right ways.  They say that anticipation is the act of looking forward.  What better way then, to enter 2013 than to do just that.  Let’s all look forward.  We did our best in 2012.  I know that.  I know that all of us who are privileged enough to be part of this great Inner Circle, are hardworking talented artists who keep on trucking.  So now all we need to do is trust that the hard work we did last year is in us and step into 2013 by letting everything go (see Jeffery Brooks’ Step 6 in Audition Technique) and simply LOOK FORWARD.

So to wrap this little ditty up, I HOPE for each and every one of you who read this, that you are able to enter 2013 with the ability to CHERISH all of your earthly DESIRES.  Do so with excitement and ANTICIPATION, because we are the lucky ones, we are following our dreams and letting our passions play out live.  We hold the key to this new year.  A chapter is closing and we are in complete control of how this new chapter of our life begins.  Let’s hold everything dear to us close to our hearts, the good the bad and the ugly.  I wish all of you the utmost success in 2013 and I hope to see you on the Big Screen!

-Sarah Karjian