Inner Circle in Japan

by Rina Hoshino

One of the rewarding gifts Inner Circle Theatre has given me is the quintessential element of maintaining a good balance between the art of acting and the business of acting. I frankly labeled the business side as something extremely irrelevant and devilishly hard to grasp and somewhere along the road my brain decided to function in a way that dangerously uploads and saves only the preconceived ideas of the “unknowable,” thus I had very little knowledge about business.

It never occurred to me until I started to affiliate with ICT that to a great extreme this balance is a mandatory task requiring a conscious choice we make and the commitment of a what-ever-it-takes attitude to take charge of the situation that allows a remarkable and different ability to rise to the occasion.

The delightful essence of the ubiquitous community spirit at ICT uniquely binds everything together. This enigmatic energy holds such an intrinsic value to help us build a fundamental understanding of the structure of the business, while feeding creative strengths to harness new challenges, together. It is quite an exciting asset to have.

While the creativeness, inventiveness, and the style of Japan still mesmerizes me to this day, my previous experience in Tokyo had once crumbed my self-esteem. It was quite a self-deprecating process of seeing the tree not the forest. Even when I was booking national Voice-over gigs, the paucity of gratefulness diminished me into a hopeless under-performer because of the way I believed certain stories to be true and the way I judged myself as a result. So I flew back to Japan recently with the mixture of amusement and preserved trepidation. Sincere thanks to Inner Circle Theatre, led by Jeffery Brooks, as my perception has changed subtly without me noticing.

When I walked into a room, knowing I’ve done my preparation and research in advance, knowing I have teams of professionals fantastically pushing me forward, invokes such a great incentive to assess the room (as Jeffery Brooks calls it) objectively as if I’m in an invincible samurai armor.  The moment of affirmation that I get to collectively express myself to actualize the concept into reality, while reiterating in my mind how I can simply be of service for my business friends is exciting and important.

There is a limitless abundance in the cooperative work environment of ICT that exist nowhere else. A welcoming second home that creates such an inviting and on-going enthusiasm, while the combined effect of creativity surfaces quite quickly into zestful synergy without having to analyze dutifully if you would fit in or not. You want in?