Kaja on The Hollywood Fringe Festival

Shall we play?My first experience with the Los Angeles Fringe festival was awesome, rewarding, and above all HARD WORK. But what else can you expect from a festival that boasts hundreds of plays going at the same time for a limited stay. It’s fantastic chaos.

I directed and produced my first full-length play in the Fringe. I did it because I wanted it.  I needed it. I was passionate about it. This is the only way you can make it through the Fringe. Mine was a selfish act. It wasn’t for anyone but myself and the team with whom I put it together. We wanted to create something great and magical and fun. We thought it would be a big bonus if people came to see it. And they did!

I believe if you pour your heart and soul into something, people notice. They want to engage with the actors, and share their experience with the audience. It’s the Holy Grail. It’s why we become actors, why we watch movies and TV shows. We want to see people being passionate and truthful and vulnerable.

So if you are going to be in the Fringe or better yet, if you are going to be an actor in Los Angeles, know that it’s relentlessly hard work. The competition, the networking, the endless rejection. So don’t do it for someone else, or the money, or the fame. You can’t, it’s not sustainable. The magic the people want to see is you. So do it because you want it. Because you believe in it, and it inspires you and you want to spread the inspiration!

Photo Credit: duncan c, Flickr