Love and Support in 2015

by Artistic Director, Jeffery Brooks

2014 was an amazing year! As I reflect on the last 365 days my heart opens wide with the joy of remembering every one of you that made such a huge difference for our company.

Dreams do come true! As most of you know, this company and producing theatre have long been a closely held dream for me. In 2013, you helped me realize my dream by creating Inner Circle Theatre and in 2014, we produced two shows: R+J=Love and Shall We Play, with huge success. We had happy and engaged audiences that left promising to return and tell their friends. That we were able to excite and interest people who weren’t necessarily “theatre goers” was a huge win for me personally.

The classes at Inner Circle Theatre have always been a gift for me! In my busiest year ever, having the luxury to spend Wednesdays and Thursdays with this amazing group of people who wanted to better themselves as artists and humans held me up with inspiration and was a light to guide me. I truly believe that perception is everything and having the pure artistic outlet that spending time with the strong, smart, creative individuals in Inner Circle Theatre has helped me shift my perception around the “business” time and again.

In 2014, I saw more people reach their goals inside Inner Circle Theatre than ever before. From feature films to television shows to test deals to new agents, it has been a fruitful year for everyone. Even better, it has been a year of personal growth. I have seen our members take long strides in making themselves better people, which unknowingly has made them better, truer artists. Our members have expanded their families with babies and new pets and new loves. They have pushed through turmoil and challenges. The gift of both the joy and the pain are of equally huge magnitude. In both cases, our members have stepped up to the plate and helped and loved each other consistently. I am a true believer that helping others is the only thing that makes us better in all ways. This group of people, this theatre company, this community has let a lot of us grow and heal through being there for each other.

As I look ahead to 2015, I am beyond excited about the productions we have lined up! We have 5 amazing shows that will help Inner Circle Theatre show all the hard work our members have done in our classes and help us make a name in Los Angeles theatre for ourselves. These shows will give us the opportunity to grow as a company and show that we are a truly artistic force to be reckoned with. We need to be the ones to make our mark in history and become the artists that people will talk about for years to come. We want our community, our fellow artists, our friends, our family to talk about how we moved them, inspired them, made them cry, laugh, feel, and change.

As artistic director, I have taken a huge risk in creating such an aggressive slate, but I believe that this year we can show audiences who we really are. I feel that taking this risk will help the group continue to grow artistically and as people. We can make a difference in this world through our art.

Most of all I am so excited to keep our classes going to continue to help the group navigate this fun but difficult business! We as group can overcome the hardships of this city and make it the amazing place we dreamed and still dream about. We can truly live our life through our art. And we can inspire and help others along the way. Please join me on this mission to make Inner Circle Theatre a comfortable home, where all artists can stumble, fall, and soar through their careers in Los Angeles with the love and support of a strong community. Because, after all, it’s not what we have in life, but who we have that really matters.

Happy New Year.