2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival: Shall We Play?

A game for the audience with the actors. 



Friday June 13th @ 7pm
Friday June 13th @ 8pm

Saturday June 14th @ 7pm
Saturday June 14th @ 8pm

Hollywood Casting and Film
(Green Screen Studio)
6900 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90038

In the interest of reestablishing the sacred connection between the audience and the ensemble, Inner Circle Theatre presents “Shall We Play,” an interactive experience that requires engagement and willingness on the part of both parties. Each show will feature a different set of short vignettes, which will be performed once and then reshaped based on the whims of the viewers. Allowed to play and explore during the hour, the group will find common ground in their very human desire for artistic expression.

The Actors: