Trust Your Work

by Julie Lippert

This last month, I was fortunate to have been back on stage performing at the Pacific Resident Theater. I was thrilled when I was offered the role. It was a chance to be a whole new person, in fact, a whole new gender. I was cast as Sayeed, an Arabian princess living her life as a boy in the play Frankincense. What fun! And thanks to Jeffery Brooks and ICT teachings I was able to delve into the character with abandon.

At ICT, we hear Jeffery share many golden gems about the craft of acting. And I can honestly say, I used every one of them to help me become Sayeed. However, the one that really became incredibly important, for me during this production, was relationships. We hear how important relationships are to your character’s life many times over at ICT. How we must imagine our life with the people, things, and  places in our scenes because in an audition you may get nothing from the reader. Well, what if you have no one opposite you in a play?! When rehearsals began for our production, the role opposite me, Sayeed’s love, Lawrence, was not cast. Because of ICT’s teachings on relationships echoing in my head, I was able to imagine my life with him: the good, the bad, and the in between. Days continued with no Lawrence, but I was able to create my life with him despite no actual physical person or rehearsal time. When the role was finally cast (a little over two weeks before we opened) I had no problem placing the other actor as Lawrence into my world. Sure, little nuances from the other actor brought new details to our life, but my foundation was set. I knew who he was, why I loved him, why he annoyed me, and why I chose him. I had done the work and now I could just play.  Which brings me to another gem from ICT: let go. I had done my work.  Was I finished? No. Would I ever be? Probably not.  However, if I was going to give over and be Sayeed, I had to follow Jeffery’s advice and let go no matter where I was at that moment. It was time to trust in my work and just be. Without that gem, Sayeed would never have come to life.
Thank you Jeffery for all your time and for making ICT a place to practice our craft, take risks, and allowing us to go out in the working world and create.