Welcome Spring!

by Marwa Bernstein

Welcome to spring. As my daughter’s book says:

“Spring is here today!
Winter’s gone away.
Open the door,
Come out and play-
Spring has come to stay!”

Spring to me is about rebirth, light, laughter, youth, and a sense of renewal; a renewed faith in the world, and in yourself; being the best creative you you can be. As Actors, we have the privilege of getting to play our whole lives. And it is the best kind of play, the kind that makes you and the people watching you, feel, laugh, cry, love, know sadness, know celebration.  There’s a quote from a Carl Sandburg story that I love:  “You must listen with your littlest and newest ears.” That is what I hope as actors we can make people do: listen, see, and feel things the way we did as children. Everything was interesting to us, everything was exciting and we felt everything was of the utmost importance. I remember playing make believe and really believing the things we were making up; my heart racing while hiding from a monster, or running from the bad guys, or being completely joyful as we were flying around pretending to be fairies. We knew instinctively how to commit to a role, build a character, have an objective, and we didn’t even have to think about it, it just was our job as kids. So this spring I think we should all just play. Be the imaginative kids we are inside. Commit whole heartedly to jump into whatever role we can with all four paws, be vulnerable, not be scared to really feel, and be joyful. And over all remember just as when we were kids, it’s our happy luck for it to be our job to do so!…and if you’re having a hard time remembering what that feels like, go play make believe with a four year old for a few hours. They’ll teach you how.

2010-04-06 - France 058